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HR Outsourcing is not all or nothing

Lately, it seems that there is an emphasized focus on technology as the solution for all our HR problems. The cloud is the ultimate solution, and software as a service the only answer. In order to be a modern employer,… Continue Reading →

The consumerization of HR: HR’s days as middle man are over (2/2)

We expect the new HR to be supported by a high degree of automation and governed by a ‘one to many’ approach. HR professionals of the 21st century must be technology-savvy and incorporate new technologies in their way of working,… Continue Reading →

The consumerization of HR: HR’s days as middle man are over (1/2)

Imagine, if you will, your company without an HR function. Now suppose you’re asked to set up HR: What would you do? Would you create something similar or radically different? Would you create it at all? We’ve arrived at a… Continue Reading →

What’s important for HR in 2011?

As usual at the start of a new year, research companies and advisors publish articles with their thoughts on developments for the HR function and 2011 was no different. While I was reading, I decided to create a list to keep track… Continue Reading →

It’s 2011: Will your company survive the exodus of the baby boomers?

2011 marks the start of the exit of the baby boomers: the generation born in the years following World War II turns 65 and will retire. It is the beginning of the largest workforce exodus that we have ever seen. 2011 is a pivotal year and signals a profound change that companies, and specifically HR, will be forced to cope with over the coming years. The effect of this so-called ‘knowledge crunch’ is set to hit just as companies recover from the credit crunch, and will augment the impact of the recession if not handled well.

HR goes Hybrid

My new 2010 whitepaper is titled: Crossing boundaries to create Hybrid HR. Why do we believe that HR goes Hybrid this year? Because we think that a new flexible ‘hybrid HR’ approach is crucial for HR to succeed in this new decade…. Continue Reading →

Shared Services

Shared services operate within organizations by providing services to internal clients. They operate on business principles and provide internal services at a cost and quality that is acceptable to its clients, when assessed against alternatives. They are referred to as… Continue Reading →

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